These are some of our most beautiful mistakes in alphabetical order:
  • Cultural differences: In every project there are cultural differences that need to be overcome, therefore our method has to be restructured in every new project. 
  • Material: Experience has taught us a lot about different materials and there longevity. This made us switch from paint to plaster and tiles.
  • Result driven work ethics: We’ve learned it’s important to always reserve space, time and budget for not-goal orientated steps. 
  • Target recipient of aid instead of donors and founders.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver, we discovered that we want to go for quality over quantity. Not to paint a whole hill, but manage expectations and from there on build on something bigger. 
  • During projects, new problems will always emerge. This usually needs more time to address or resolve then the timescale set for the project. 
  • There are no standards or learnings available on community art projects. It has been copied a lot, but there's no blueprint available on the most impactful way of doing these kind of projects. Therefore we founded the Favelapainting Academy.