The first Favela Painting project took place in 2005, when artists haas&hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) painted a large artwork with members of the local community in Rio de Janeiro. Both the local and global impact of this project inspired them to continue creating large-scale community art projects across the world. By now, Favela Painting has become an institution with a fast growing international group of participants on many levels, spreading the message: community art for social change.

Over the years Favela Painting has developed into a Foundation (supporting their own and affiliate projects worldwide) and an Academy that is concerned with research and development and exchanging skills and knowledge. Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn remain actively involved to this day. Once started as pioneers, the two founders of Favela Painting have become prominent leaders in their field and are globally respected as lecturers and consultants.


All over the world Favela Painting builds bridges between community art, urban planning and social design, creating multi faceted social impact with a lasting legacy.

Thorough local research, meeting the residents, the community and investigating the circumstances and possibilities precede every single art installation. Community engagement and sustainability are fundamental for Favela Painting’s social practice.

Our projects provide an opportunity for people to work together to improve their living space. By collaborating with locals, art is used as a weapon to combat prejudice, create sustainability solutions and attract positive attention. Technical training and jobs provide security while working together reinforces the social fabric. The physical artwork carries a message of confidence, an invitation to come see it and meet the people who made it happen.


The Favela Painting Foundation provides the financial and logistical infrastructure for the projects. It facilitates Favela Painting projects across different countries and cultures and offers project consultancy to other parties.

With over a decade of experience, the Favela Painting Foundation is the leading organisation in the field of community art for social change.