MIAMI 2014

In 2014, Favela Painting worked on a mural in the Wynwood Walls, an open-air exhibition, organized by Goldman Properties. This was a completely new type of project, as it didn’t directly involve the community. With this being a commercial area, there were no house owners to discuss colours with. We decided to paint a whole spectrum of colours in interlacing combinations, a reference to the colours on display in paint stores. Passers-by can use the wall to look for the colour combinations they prefer. Wynwood Walls has a lot of foot traffic throughout the year and this wall has been the backdrop of countless instagram shots and several fashion campaigns.

A space inside the building became the colour lab. Here people could experiment and play around with the colours, 66 in total. Some people enjoyed it so much they came back every day, helping to paint a colour sequence on a wall inside. On another wall people could fill in squares however they liked.

Photos by: Haas&Hahn, Martha Cooper